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Velox Vita Released

Ny first EP (six tracks) called Velox Vita has now been released on Spotify, iTunes and soon other major music distribution services. I pulled this together quite quickly and had a lot of fun doing so. The category of music is “dance” and it includes both house and trance tracks, and my own variations of these. While making these, I’ve been thinking a lot about using these during indoor cycling sessions – another of my passions – so that’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from, and hence the tempo of the tracks. Enjoy!

Unbox – Velox Vita


Emotional Bodyparts – released!

Hi All!

As I mentioned in my previous post I have done two more tracks, and now they have been released! The single is called “Emotional Bodyparts” and it includes the tracks “Nostrils of Love” and “Liver of Passion”. These are Dance tracks so quite a bit different from my Christmas rap. Check them out on Spotify or download from iTunes (also available at Wimp, Rhapsody and other music distribution services).


Spotify: Unbox – Emotional Bodyparts


Also thanks to my friend “psyduck” for technical and creative support during the making of these tracks!


Nu Kommer Tomten – Released!

Finally I have my first song released on the major distribution services, Spotify and iTunes among them. It’s a late – or very early – Christimas rap (in Swedish.) Fame and fortune are not around the corner, but I feel good about it anyway! It would also be really cool if a few people listened to it (or bought it for 9 SEK on iTunes).

Spotify link: Unbox – Nu Kommer Tomten

iTunes link:

Two more songs (Dance) are just around a corner, a single due to be released in about a week.

Stay tuned!

/Mikael (artist name: Unbox 🙂 )

Second release

Hi all,

I have just finished two more pieces that I think will reach Spotify, iTunes and other music distribution services around January 25th. These are really different from my first track that was a rap in Swedish, the two new tracks are instrumental Dance tracks. Here’s the artwork for it!


I’ll probably post a reminder on Facebook once they’re released!